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High Denity Polyethlene (HDPE)

HDPE  ( High Density Polyethylene)

This polymer is grouped under thermoplastics. It is obtained by polymerization of ethylene monomers under low pressure.

It has a crystal and semitransparent structure. Its density is 0,94-0,97 g/cm³, melting point 127-137 °C.

Main usage areas are as follows: 

♦ House equipment, toy

♦ Packaging film

♦ Pipe (hard pipe, detergent and cosmetics bottle (nontransparent), water, gas container

♦ Plate, paper, fabrics and rational molding models for metal covering

♦ Nylon bag of athlete type, Plastic bags, Lamination, net sack

♦ Compressed water pipe, gas and canalization

♦ Water distribution, canalization, irrigation distribution system pipes

Trade dress:

♦ For injection

♦ For blow molding

♦ For film 

♦ For pipe

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